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Personalized handcrafted Lei.

We create unique, creative, and quality personalized handcrafts from the Philippines.

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Reimagining Traditional Lei Designs Since 2017

Transforming special moments into lasting, handcrafted mementos.”

Founded in 2018, Letrato Arts and Crafts offers a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Our dedication to meticulous handcrafting ensures every personalized adornment and accessory captures the essence of your cherished moments.

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Experience satisfaction with our meticulous Handcrafted Rosette leis

Elevate your events with our specialized lei services. From design consultation to handcrafting, we ensure each Filipino lei resonates with authenticity, making every guest feel special.

  • Personal Consultation
  • Custom Design Adaptation
  • Express Crafting
  • Pure Handcrafting Technique
  • Local Necklace Offerings
  • Clear Timeframes

A Glimpse of Letrato’s Artistry.

With every vibrant thread and each careful fold, you can feel the love and dedication we put into our creations. Discover, admire, and be inspired.

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Innovation Festival Guests

Our leis aren’t just adornments; they’re memories handcrafted with dedication and intricate attention to detail. Add a VIP touch to your event now!

Why Choose Us

Elevate Your Events with Our Personalized Lei in the Philippines

Experience the essence of the Philippines with our personalized leis, tailored to make every event, from welcoming dignitaries to celebrating achievements, truly special.

Quality doesn’t always come at a premium. Our diverse designs cater to varied tastes and budgets, ensuring that every customer finds their perfect match without compromising on quality.


What our clients say about us

Letrato Arts and Crafts’ products are highly praised for their exceptional quality and distinct designs.

“We made the right choice of having this shop prepare and make the leis for one of the most important events of the IBP isabela chapter.”

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“Very mabait si seller and the product is very beautiful. Thank u seller. Made it on time at salamat din pinagbigyan mo request ko. Very accommodating.”

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Personalize Your Next Event

Letrato Arts and Crafts specializes in crafting high-quality, personalized leis and gifts that honor cultural traditions. Contact us for your next special occasion.

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Do you have a question?

Dive into our FAQs below to get quick answers to the most common questions our customers ask. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out – we’re here to help!

The Rosette Lei is meticulously handcrafted from ribbons, making it more durable than traditional flower leis. Its modern design stands out, symbolizing love, respect, and warmth.

Yes, you can customize the centerpiece of the Rosette Lei and choose your desired color. While we offer a variety of necklace designs, customization for the necklace itself isn’t available.

For the necklace, we utilize a variety of fabric ribbons, including brocade, jacquard, yakan, burlap, and igorot fabric. The centerpiece is crafted from satin ribbon. A customizable 2.2-inch button pin adds a personal touch to its center.

Our general lead time depends on the quantity. For 50 pieces, the lead time is up to 3 days, while for 100 pieces, it’s between 3 to 5 days.