May 2019 - Rosette Leis

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Graduations all around the world has different way of grooming up and celebrating. In the Philippines, the usual graduation accessory are the chest corsage and neck corsage. Usually in the form of acetate ribbon with colorful designs, the corsage has become a staple accessory during Filipino graduation.

A combination of blue and white ribbon rosette with jacquard brocade trimming as lei, worm by a Filipino student during graduation ceremony.
Blue and white graduation lei in the Philippines

However, Letra 'To Arts and Crafts Philippines aims to change the usual. Here in Letra 'To, we offer an elegant and classy change to the usual acetate ribbon chest corsage. We have the customizeable ribbon rosette lei that students can choose to customize based on their taste, attire, or even school logo.

Our rosette can be customized to use different colors as well as materials. From single-edge satin ribbon, double-edge satin ribbon, organza lace, ruffled ribbon and many more. Our ribbon rosette is usually partnered with a brocade trimming lei and has variety of designs to choose from.

A made-to-order blue and white ribbon rosette lei worn during a graduation in the Philippines
Filipino Graduation Ribbon Rosette Lei

We also offer other cheaper but equally beautiful rosette leis. Such as the rosette made of 2.1" acrylic snap-on pin with organza lace ruffles. The lei is made of satin ribbon lined with ribbon lace to it. If you're interested in acquiring these beautiful rosette leis, you can message us through our Facebook Page.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Leis has been part of graduation ceremonies for a long time. The tradition originated in Hawaii with the Hawaiian Lei, which is a garland or wreath but a lei can really be anything as it is loosely defined as a series of objects strung together and meant to be worn.

We offer various kinds of customization to your rosette lei for various events even as a very unique graduation lei
Graduation lei in acetate box

However, Letra 'To Arts and Crafts Philippines has a unique take on the traditional Hawaiian Lei. In our Arts and Crafts business in the Philippines, we offer a rosette lei for graduates. The rosette is made of satin or acetate ribbon with a felt flower in the middle. The design could be customized and personalized by the client. The lei is made of jacquard/brocade trimmings which adds to the beauty of this graduation lei.

Combination of blue and white satin ribbons for the rosette centerpiece coupled with blue and gold jacquard or brocade trimming
Blue graduation lei with a rosette centerpiece

If you're interested to know more on how we personalize graduation leis, you can contact us through our Facebook page and see other designs of rosette leis too. We also offer rosette leis for VIPs, guest of honors, guest speakers, officials, delegates and other important person during academic and corporate events.

Our client wearing the graduation rosette lei made for his graduation in Polytechnic University of the Philippines
A graduate wearing our graduation rosette leis

A graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines wearing our graduation lei during his graduation
A graduate with his friend while wearing a blue graduation lei

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Letra 'To Arts and Crafts is a Philippine-based business that creates personalized rosette leis. We have received a good amount of reaction from our clients for the amount of customization involved in each and every product. Most of them would say that it's perfect for their event as we make sure that the color and design fits perfectly for their theme.

Personalized rosette designs for various clients. Each designs are unique for each client's logo and event theme.
Various rosette designs of Letra 'To
Our personalization of ribbon rosettes can include the number of layers, types of layer, color and types of ribbon. We have different sizes and can add another ribbon on top of a single layer. We also have the petals ribbon, the ruffles ribbon, box-pleat ribbon and many more. You can also specify what you need and we'll try to create it.

This blue/black rosette leis was commissioned to be given to guest of honors and guest speakers of a Philippine-based event.
Blue and Black rosette leis for guest of honor and goest speakers

We also offer various other customization, for example, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines requested an orange ribbon to run through the brocade trimmings then add a silk-screen texts on it.

Philippine inspired rosette leis
Philippine inspired rosette leis with gold/black brocade lei

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


In line with the upcoming Philippine Independence Day 2019, Letra 'To Arts and Crafts decided to create its first unique creation. Inspired by only the Philippine-flag, this unique blend of yellow, blue, red and white will surely ignite any Filipino's patriotism.

Original design of Kalayan Rosette in a brocade trimming as lei
Original design of Kalayaan Rosette in a brocade trimming as lei

This one so far has been our bestseller among our other rosette leis and has been given to delegates, government officials, international judges, businessmen and others.

Close-up shot of the rosette leis given to guest speakers of the 8th Philippine SME Business Expo and Conference
Close-up shot of the rosette leis given to guest speakers of the 8th Philippine SME Business Expo and Conference

The 8th Philippine SME Business Expo and Conference

The PhilSME Business Expo is said to be the largest in the Philippines as Business-to-business expo, conference and networking event. Organized by MediaCom Solutions Inc, the expo is expected to have more than 10,000 visitors, 120 exhibitors and more than 200 brands of business solutions.

DTI Undersecretary for Regional Operations Group, Ms. Zenaida Cuison-Maglaya wearing our handcrafted rosette leis for guest of honors
DTI Undersecretary for Regional Operations Group during the Phil SME event
During the event and conference, Letra 'To Arts and Crafts provided the rosette leis (Philippine-flag design) for the guest of honors, government officials, delegates, guest speakers, VIPs and other important people in the event. The color-scheme of our leis matched perfectly with the Philippine's biggest B2B expo and conference.

Undisputed - Bendovah Bully Camp

Philippine-inspired rosette ribbon leis provided for the judges of the american bully kennel club and bendovah bully camp during their "Undisputed" dog show event.
Rosette leis given to international judges of the Bendovah Bully Camp dog show event

The "Undisputed" dog show event by Bendovah Bully Camp, American Bully Kennel Club and the Exotic Bulls Association was a big success in their advocacy of removing the negative views towards these gentle dogs.

Mr. Rolando Mata, Senior Judge for American Bully Kennel Club holding the Philippine-inspired rosette leis made by Letra 'To
Mr. Rolando Mata, Senior Judge for American Bully Kennel Club

For the judges, Letra 'To Arts and Crafts provided the specially designed Philippine-flag inspired "Kalayaan" rosette leis. Mr. Rolando Mata, the senior judge for American Bully Kennel Club and Mr. DeQuan Jackson of The Exotic Bulls & Bully Avenue both received the rosette leis designed by Letra 'To.

Personalized Rosette Leis

Our business, Letra' To Arts and Crafts Philippines can provide any event, company, organization or even an individual a personalized rosette leis. Each orders can be requested to use their desired color-scheme, rosette design, logo, and brocade design. You can check our social media accounts for orders and information.