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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Customized Rosette Leis

Letra 'To Arts and Crafts is a Philippine-based business that creates personalized rosette leis. We have received a good amount of reaction from our clients for the amount of customization involved in each and every product. Most of them would say that it's perfect for their event as we make sure that the color and design fits perfectly for their theme.

Personalized rosette designs for various clients. Each designs are unique for each client's logo and event theme.
Various rosette designs of Letra 'To
Our personalization of ribbon rosettes can include the number of layers, types of layer, color and types of ribbon. We have different sizes and can add another ribbon on top of a single layer. We also have the petals ribbon, the ruffles ribbon, box-pleat ribbon and many more. You can also specify what you need and we'll try to create it.

This blue/black rosette leis was commissioned to be given to guest of honors and guest speakers of a Philippine-based event.
Blue and Black rosette leis for guest of honor and goest speakers

We also offer various other customization, for example, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines requested an orange ribbon to run through the brocade trimmings then add a silk-screen texts on it.

Philippine inspired rosette leis
Philippine inspired rosette leis with gold/black brocade lei

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