Filipino Graduation Lei - Rosette Leis

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Filipino Graduation Lei

Graduations all around the world has different way of grooming up and celebrating. In the Philippines, the usual graduation accessory are the chest corsage and neck corsage. Usually in the form of acetate ribbon with colorful designs, the corsage has become a staple accessory during Filipino graduation.

A combination of blue and white ribbon rosette with jacquard brocade trimming as lei, worm by a Filipino student during graduation ceremony.
Blue and white graduation lei in the Philippines

However, Letra 'To Arts and Crafts Philippines aims to change the usual. Here in Letra 'To, we offer an elegant and classy change to the usual acetate ribbon chest corsage. We have the customizeable ribbon rosette lei that students can choose to customize based on their taste, attire, or even school logo.

Our rosette can be customized to use different colors as well as materials. From single-edge satin ribbon, double-edge satin ribbon, organza lace, ruffled ribbon and many more. Our ribbon rosette is usually partnered with a brocade trimming lei and has variety of designs to choose from.

A made-to-order blue and white ribbon rosette lei worn during a graduation in the Philippines
Filipino Graduation Ribbon Rosette Lei

We also offer other cheaper but equally beautiful rosette leis. Such as the rosette made of 2.1" acrylic snap-on pin with organza lace ruffles. The lei is made of satin ribbon lined with ribbon lace to it. If you're interested in acquiring these beautiful rosette leis, you can message us through our Facebook Page.

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