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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Personalized Ribbon

Ribbons are a popular crafting materials among artisans. One of the easy to make crafts is the rosette leis. These personalized rosette ribbons are an all-around accessories. It can be given to kids to commemorate their achievements, or can be given to guest of honors to show high respect.

Our rosette ribbon (partnered with a brocade lei) can be customized to fit in any event or gathering
Four of our best selling personalized rosette ribbons
Personalizing your own rosette ribbon has many benefits. First, you can ensure that your accessory will fit the theme of your event or your company's logo. You can also customize your rosette ribbon lei to match your outfit during your special day!

Our rosette ribbon has a cheaper but equally beautiful alternative. It's composed of organza ribbon turned into ruffles.
A cheaper variation of our rosette ribbons

Our clients at Letra 'To Arts & Crafts Philippines can also ask for a custom awards ribbon for their special day. Mother's Day, birthdays and anniversaries are the popular events that our clients celebrate with our special awards ribbon.

Special Awards Ribbon for Metro Channel's Mother's Day event.
Special Awards Ribbon for a Mother's Day event

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