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OPUS Awards 2019 and Award Leis

Oct 18, 2019 0 comments
Recognizing the hardwork and talent of your employee is a very important part of businesses in today’s world. Many businesses are doing what they can to show gratitude to their employees by bringing their best foot forward every single day in their workplace.
OPUS Awardees wearing green, purple and red rosette necklace leis

Recently, Solaire held its Opus Awards recognition event to highlight their extraordinary employees from all departments. Opus stands for “Outstanding People, Unparalleled Service”. In this recognition program, Solaire Resort & Casino reserved a very special night for their best performing employees. Attended by the executives of the company as well as other special guests, it’s surely a night to remember.

Another notable detail of the event are the award leis given to the awardees. The award leis comes in different colors such as green, red, violet, blue, silver and gold necklace lei. Each color represents a corresponding type of award and given to more than a hundred people during the event.
Awardees wearing our elegant ribbon necklace

The award leis was created by Letra ‘To Arts and Crafts Philippines, a Philippine-based crafting business that’s quickly gaining attention for its elegant and affordable leis for all sorts of event. The rosette ribbon necklace lei is made of jacquard trimming with floral design to match the festive mood of the event. The center-piece is also created to look more flat than the usual leis that we create, this is to mimic the style and look of a medal instead of the usual flower-style. This creates a unique and refreshing take on the usual acrylic medal used for recognition and awarding ceremonies. Lastly, the designs are also uniform in design, pattern and size but only differs in color.

Our shop can provide you with high-quality and elegant rosette ribbon necklace. Our products has been used by various government agencies, non-government organizations, companies, conventions and various events. Though some shops in Divisoria and other places in the Philippines may offer the same product, we can assure you that ours are of unique quality.

OPUS Awardees wearing gold and purple leis in the Philippines

Red and green leis worn during the OPUS Awarding event


Where and how to buy rosette leis in the Philippines

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