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How can leis make your event better?

Jul 9, 2021 0 comments

Why Filipinos love events

An event host wearing rosette leis in the Philippines
An event host wearing rosette leis in the Philippines

Philippines is has a very extroverted culture. We love to hang out with each other, talk and meet new people and gather with a large crowd. That's why events such as awarding ceremonies, grand launch, recognitions, yearly events and other gatherings are very popular here in our country.

During these events, one of the attention-grabbing part are the visitors and the guests. Having high-profile guests such as Mayor Isko Moreno are a surefire way to become the talk of the town. While it's also a huge thing to have popular personalities as guest speakers, hosts and guest of honors.

Leis for events

Seven guests wearing leis for visitors in Manila, Philippines
Seven guests wearing leis for visitors in Manila, Philippines

Having popular visitors and guests is one thing, but to make them stand out even more, a creative product has been popular lately. Rosette leis are a handcrafted product created by Letra 'To Arts and Crafts Philippines. The product is made from various kinds of fabric such as Jacquard trimmings, acetate ribbons and satin ribbons.

Our welcome lei for guest speakers are highly sought especially by government agencies during their events. Some would even procure hundreds upon hundreds of them in order to make their visitors feel very welcomed as well as to make their guest speakers stand out to the crowd.

Rosette leis are also known by several other names. Some clients would refer to them as Filipino Lei while others uses the general term garland to refer to any necklace worn by guest of honors during events. Since our rosette leis are elegant and beautiful, other organizations has also used it for several other purpose. A TV Show in the Philippines has once used our leis as customized medals for their awarding ceremony of athletes. Another client used our Filipino Leis to honor their soldiers. Some clients however, simply refer to our product as corsage for guest speakers or guest of honors. But whatever people will call it, one factor remains constant and that's the quality and elegance of our rosette leis.

Creating Rosette Leis

Two guests wearing rosette leis during the 40th Agora Awards in the Philippines
Two guests wearing rosette leis during the 40th Agora Awards in the Philippines

Rosette Leis as our proudly made filipino product are all handcrafted by our artists. All products are made by hand in order to ensure quality. The rosette designs also comes in a variety of pre-made choice, however, should a customer feel that the existing designs are inadequate for their event, we also offer personalized ribbon designs in the Philippines. Our crafters can create lei samples for bulk orders where the customer can choose from and we will not be satisfied until our customer is beyond satisfied with the lei and rosette design.

In order to create our highly personalized rosette designs, our store has purchased a wide variety of ribbon colors. Our best selling are the red ribbons, blue ribbons, green ribbons, yellow ribbons, gold ribbons and silver ribbons. But these are not all of our colors as we still have 35 other colors to choose from with varying color gradient to choose the perfect color for your event.


Where and how to buy rosette leis in the Philippines

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