“Babae ng Bayan, Lalaban!” – A Women’s Empowerment Seminar Adorned with Rosette Lei

On March 24, 2023, during International Women’s Month, Spreading the Spirit of
Giving (SSG) held a seminar titled “Babae ng Bayan, Lalaban!” at Eusebio High
School in Pasig City. The event, in collaboration with Gender and Development,
Pasig City, and Zonta-Metro Pasig, focused on the Safe Space Act (Republic Act
No. 11313) and women’s empowerment.

Hon. Jemima Rose E. Relos and Hon. Ruby Bañares Victorino, the esteemed guest
speakers, both wore handcrafted rosette leis provided by Letrato Philippines, a
woman-owned business. The rosette leis symbolized unity and celebration, further
emphasizing the significance of women’s empowerment.

rosette lei,lei,babae-ng-bayan

rosette lei,lei,babae-ng-bayan

Relos explained the Safe Space Act, while Victorino from Zonta-Metro Pasig
highlighted the power and potential of women. The seminar, attended by 50
Junior High School students, inspired a new generation to embrace equality
and respect for all.

rosette lei,lei,babae-ng-bayan

In conclusion, “Babae ng Bayan, Lalaban!” successfully promoted women’s
empowerment and the Safe Space Act, while incorporating the rosette leis
to celebrate the cultural and artistic contributions of women.

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