Kalayaan Rosette Leis: A Symbol of Philippine Pride

In celebration of the Philippine Independence Day 2019, Letrato Arts and Crafts introduced a unique rosette lei design. Drawing inspiration from the Philippine flag, this vibrant combination of yellow, blue, red, and white evokes a sense of patriotism among Filipinos.

Original design of Kalayan Rosette in a brocade trimming as lei

This design quickly became our bestseller and has been gifted to delegates, government officials, international judges, and business professionals.

The 8th Philippine SME Business Expo and Conference

As the largest B2B expo, conference, and networking event in the Philippines, the PhilSME Business Expo attracted over 10,000 visitors, 120 exhibitors, and 200 brands. Organized by MediaCom Solutions Inc, Letrato Arts and Crafts supplied Philippine-flag inspired rosette leis to honor guests, officials, and other VIPs.

DIT Undersecretary Ms. Zenaida Cuison-Maglaya wearing our handcrafted rosette leis for guest of honors

DTI Undersecretary for Regional Operations Group at the Phil SME event

Undisputed – Bendovah Bully Camp

Philippine flag inspired rosette lei

Rosette leis presented to international judges at the Bendovah Bully Camp event

The “Undisputed” dog show, organized by Bendovah Bully Camp, American Bully Kennel Club, and the Exotic Bulls Association, aimed to challenge negative stereotypes surrounding these gentle dogs. Letrato Arts and Crafts provided the Philippine-flag themed “Kalayaan” rosette leis for the judges, including Mr. Rolando Mata and Mr. DeQuan Jackson.

Rolando Mata wearing Philippine flag inspired rosette lei

Mr. Rolando Mata, Senior Judge for American Bully Kennel Club

Personalized Rosette Leis

Letrato Arts and Crafts Philippines offers personalized rosette leis for any event, organization, or individual. Customizations include color scheme, rosette design, logo, and brocade design.