Make Your Event Special with Personalized Ribbon Leis

Versatile and Stylish Rosette Ribbon Leis

Ribbons are popular crafting materials among artisans, and one of the easiest crafts to make is the rosette lei. These personalized rosette ribbons are versatile accessories, perfect for commemorating children’s achievements or showing high respect to guest of honors.

various rosette design

Customization for Your Event or Outfit

Customizing your own rosette ribbon lei offers many benefits. You can ensure that your accessory matches the theme of your event or your company’s logo, and you can even tailor your rosette ribbon lei to coordinate with your outfit on your special day! Choose from a variety of lei designs, garlands, and rosette leis to make your event unforgettable.

rosette ribbon

cheap variant of our rosette ribbon

Unique Awards Ribbons for Special Occasions

At Letrato Arts & Crafts Philippines, our clients can also request custom awards ribbons for their special occasions. Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries are just a few of the popular events celebrated with our unique awards ribbons, rosette leis, and garlands.

Pink award ribbon

Custom Award Ribbon

Special award ribbon for Mother's day event