Sustainable Green-Tech Forum Embraces Tradition with Rosette Lei

The Sustainable Green-Tech Forum, as featured in Manila Bulletin, aims to
introduce cost-saving strategies while reducing carbon footprint. The forum
brought together leaders and experts in green technology, all sharing a common
goal: to create a more sustainable future. Amidst the discussions on
eco-friendly practices, the event also showcased a beautiful connection to
tradition with the speakers wearing handcrafted rosette lei.


As a symbol of celebration and unity, the rosette lei is a perfect addition to
the Sustainable Green-Tech Forum. These intricate floral adornments are
handcrafted in the Philippines by a woman-owned business, making them an
excellent representation of the country’s cultural heritage and commitment to
sustainability. The vibrant colors and detailed craftsmanship of the rosette
lei added a touch of authenticity to the event, emphasizing the importance of
preserving tradition while embracing innovation.

rosette, customized rosette,rosette lei

The forum’s keynote speaker proudly donned a rosette lei, highlighting the
significance of the adornment and its role in Filipino culture. As the
speaker shared insights on green technology and sustainability, the lei
served as a visual reminder of the harmony between the past and the future –
the delicate balance between preserving cultural heritage and moving forward
with sustainable practices.

green-tech forum,rosette lei

The use of rosette lei at the Sustainable Green-Tech Forum demonstrates the
versatility of these handcrafted treasures. Suitable for any occasion, the
leis can bring a touch of tradition and color to events ranging from
corporate forums to personal celebrations. The inclusion of the rosette lei
at the event also supports local artisans, promoting the importance of
empowering women in business and fostering a sustainable economy.

green-tech forum speaker, rosette leigreen-tech forum speaker, rosette leiIn conclusion, the Sustainable Green-Tech Forum successfully blended
innovation with tradition by incorporating the rosette lei into the event.
The handcrafted adornment, made by a woman-owned business in the
Philippines, added a touch of authenticity and cultural pride to the forum.
This unique fusion of sustainability and tradition serves as a reminder of
the importance of both preserving our cultural heritage and forging a
greener future.