The rising popularity of event garland on Filipino events

    A few months back, the Philippines underwent another rigorous election campaign for the 2022 national elections. During the rallies of the presidentiable bets, one object seemingly remains to be present regardless of who the candidate is- a garland hanged on the neck of the presidential bet used as a token to welcome the presidentiable. 

Bulk order of PNP Southern Police District
Blue and gold event garland delivered to PNP Southern Police District

    Filipino garlands continue to rise in popularity due to political events such as the recent campaign rallies held by the presidential aspirants during the campaign period. Different forms of neck sash and flower necklaces can be seen being worn not just by the presidential aspirants but also by the members of their senatorial line-up and party-list members. 

Sample blue and gold event garland design
Blue and gold event garland design worn in a barong tagalog

    These medal necklaces are not just being used for campaign rallies, but are also popular adornments for other significant political events. In fact various government offices and agencies made use of these welcome leis for their events. These events would include the Philippine Regulatory Commission that held the PRC week, PCSO’s (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office) Charity Summit and during the 30th founding anniversary of PNPTI. By using neck garlands as a part of their occasion, the value of neck-garlands in events cannot be denied. 

Red and gold combination for event garland delivered to Batangas
PNP Southern Police District’s red and gold garland design

    The use of medal necklaces is gaining popularity in the country for a good reason. The ribbon leis are versatile, eye-catching and adds more meaning to an event. Event garlands are now popular staples to different kinds of events in the country, including political ones, and are used for their added value and character. These Filipino leis go beyond their perceived aesthetic value and are not just mere decorations. Ribbon Leis are now part of numerous significant and momentous events in the country because it is already a part of our culture and heritage, it shows how Filipinos conduct celebrations and how we value our guests.