Distinctive Graduation Leis: A Unique Touch to Tradition

Leis have long been a cherished part of graduation ceremonies. The tradition originated in Hawaii with the Hawaiian Lei, a garland or wreath composed of various objects strung together and meant to be worn.

customized graduation leis in individual packaging

Letrato Arts and Crafts Philippines puts a unique spin on the traditional Hawaiian Lei. In our arts and crafts business in the Philippines, we offer rosette leis for graduates. These leis feature satin or acetate ribbon rosettes with a felt flower in the center. Clients can customize and personalize the design to their preferences, and the lei is made of elegant jacquard or brocade trimmings, adding beauty to this one-of-a-kind graduation lei.

custom graduation lei

A graduate wearing our customized graduation lei

If you’re interested in learning more about our personalized leis, feel free to contact us and browse other rosette lei designs as well. In addition to graduation leis, we offer rosette leis for VIPs, guest of honors, guest speakers, officials, delegates, and other important individuals during academic and corporate events.