In celebration of the grand launch of the pioneering cryptocurrency in the Philippines, Xum Coins hosted a momentous event on July 23, 2021, at Okada, Manila. Actress Ruffa Gutierrez and male model Xian Lim graced the event to grace the occasion.

Celebrating Innovation with Elegance Event Necklace for Guests

Xum Cryptocurrency Guests Wearing Event Lei

While cryptocurrency is still a new concept for many Filipinos, the event provided an opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain insight into this form of investment and income generation. The event was further highlighted by the presence of custom-made Rosette Leis that matched the gold color of Xum Coin’s logo. Through the help of private delivery rides, the leis were delivered in time for the grand launch.

Cryptocurrency: Gateway to Financial Empowerment

Cryptocurrency is attractive for its limited supply and online transaction capabilities. Potential investors are advised to evaluate risks and consult with experts prior to acquiring XUMCoin. This digital currency is part of XUMChain Technologies LLC, which seeks to empower communities through technology. Its founder desires to construct a sustainable ecosystem that improves lives and motivates others.

XUMCoin’s Role in Blockchain Evolution

Blockchain technology is a medium to extend support and commitment to individuals. XUMCoin plans to provide digital platforms and infrastructure for communities to benefit from blockchain technology. Its value is expected to surge due to its limited supply, its growing ecosystem, and demand.

Investing in XUMCoin: Road to Passive Income

Cryptocurrency provides an opportunity for passive income but requires ambition, patience, and determination. XUMCoin has a total pre-mined supply of 55 million coins, with an initial circulation of 10 million coins in the first year. Its primary use is as a gas fee or transaction fee within the XUMChain ecosystem. It offers fast transaction speeds and a cheaper gas fee of 50 XUMCoin per transaction. This currency can be used to pay for services and utilities within the platform and is only available from authorized XUM token affiliates and partners.

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