Honoring Excellence: Rosette Lei Shines at the Prestigious Legacy Award Ceremony

The Metals Industry Research and Development Center (DOST MIRDC) hosted a remarkable celebration during their annual Metals and Engineering Week, where Engr. Gamaliel “Jimmy” Itao was honored with the esteemed Legacy Award. The Legacy Award is a testament to the exceptional contributions made by individuals to the metals and engineering industry, recognizing their visionary leadership and pivotal role in advancing innovation and sustainability.

Engr. Engr. Gamaliel “Jimmy” Itao – A Trailblazer in Mechatronics

Gamaliel Itao

Engr. Gamaliel “Jimmy” Itao, the founder and president of Industrial Controls Corporation (ICC), has been a trailblazer in propelling mechatronics in the Philippines. His unwavering dedication and innovative approach have not only transformed manufacturing processes but have also created new opportunities for professionals in the metals and engineering sector.

The Legacy Award plaque, engraved with a poignant quote by Vince Lombardi, perfectly encapsulates the principle and sense of purpose that guided Engr. Itao throughout his outstanding career. The quote reads, “It’s time for us all to stand and cheer for doer and the achiever—the one who recognized the challenge and does something about it.”

2023 Metals and engineering Week

The event witnessed the presence of distinguished individuals, including Engr. Itao and other esteemed participants, adorned with the exquisite Rosette Lei. Crafted by Letrato Arts & Crafts Philippines, this handcrafted accessory reinterprets the traditional lei garland concept, adding a modern and personalized touch to special occasions. The Rosette Lei, symbolizing affection and celebration, adds elegance and distinction to any event, making it the perfect choice for recognizing and honoring exceptional individuals like Engr. Itao.

Rosette Lei: Enhancing the Atmosphere of Special Events

metals and engineering week lei

The Rosette Lei, with its diverse material options including Jute/Burlap Ribbon, Yakan Ribbon, and Igorot Weave Ribbon, reflects cultural heritage and artistry, offering an affordable luxury option that caters to different budgets. Its presence at the Legacy Award ceremony served as a reminder that the Rosette Lei is not only ideal for VIP events, graduations, and corporate occasions but also a fitting choice for recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements.

As we reflect on the remarkable event that took place last year, let us once again extend our heartfelt congratulations to Engr. Gamaliel “Jimmy” Itao for his well-deserved recognition. The presence of the Rosette Lei at such a prestigious occasion serves as a testament to its ability to enhance the atmosphere of special events and add a personal and distinguished touch, making it an ideal choice for recognizing excellence and celebrating exceptional individuals.

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