Unique Lei for Guest speaker

Do you often attend events? Or perhaps an expo, conference, or even seminar? I do, and probably one of the most important elements of these events is the guest speakers.

Guest speakers are one of the reasons why people attend a specific event. Most are looking forward to the excellent knowledge, experience, and expertise that they can gain from these people. Their insights are invaluable to the relevant people and their experience is always worth listening to. Given the great value of guest speakers during events, how can event organizers ensure that they are given the proper honor that they deserve?

gold brown lei design for guest speaker

Leis for Guests

Luckily for event organizers, that’s where we come in. Letrato Arts and Crafts Philippines is an expert in creating beautiful, elegant, and professionally handcrafted ribbon leis for guest speakers and other important people.

Our unique lei design for guests has been used in many events of varying sizes and topics. The Philippine Coast Guard, for example, is one of our loyal clients. They enjoy the great personalization that comes in every lei that they buy or order. Whether it’s a blue or a yellow lei, we ensure that your lei matches perfectly with your event’s motif or theme.

How to make a lei for a Guest Speaker

Event organizers would often be tasked with handcrafting these rosette ribbon leis for their guest speakers or guests of honors. More often than not, their first instinct is to search Google for various tutorials or find a supplier in Divisoria for leis. But this often results in a disappointing result.

Creating handcrafted leis will produce a lei that’s underwhelming unless you have a creative person who specializes in handcrafting. Organizers usually don’t have the time and energy to perfect these leis and they end up with asymmetrical rosette centerpiece or the color just doesn’t do them justice. But it’s okay because Letrato is here to your rescue. Our shop, located in Cainta, Philippines has been perfecting our designs specifically for your events. An artisan handcrafts our unique lei designs, so we’re sure each piece we deliver will be an eye-catching detail during your event.

Where to order leis in Manila?

Letrayo Arts and Crafts Philippines can supply you with the most beautiful lei designs you’ll ever see. We had many clients in Metro Manila and nearby provinces such as Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite, and Pampanga. We supplied events in Visayas like the recent Cebu Construction Show 2019. Our products have also reached other countries such as the United States of America. If you’re interested in buying or customizing your own rosette ribbon lei, you can inquire through our official Facebook fan page, email us at letratophilippines@gmail.com, or even call/text us at +639279131249.

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