Money Garlands: A Viral Post by Gerva Lpt

Graduation season is upon us, and with it comes a wave of traditions, celebrations, and, inevitably, debates. One such debate has recently been sparked by a Facebook post from Gerva Lpt, a teacher who has garnered attention for his poignant message regarding the practice of gifting money garlands during graduation ceremonies. The post has since gone viral, igniting discussions across social media platforms.

gerva lpt post

Gerva’s post begins with a heartfelt plea to parents who are planning to give money garlands to their graduating children. He emphasizes that most graduates come from families that struggle financially. For them, the money garland is not just a symbol of achievement but also a significant financial gesture. Gerva argues that the act of hanging these garlands during the graduation ceremony can unintentionally highlight the economic disparities among students, potentially causing embarrassment or distress to those from less affluent backgrounds.

Gerva suggests a more considerate approach: parents should wait until after the ceremony to present the garlands. This way, the focus remains on the collective celebration of academic achievements rather than individual displays of wealth. “The purpose of giving a money garland is to appreciate the child’s accomplishment,” Gerva writes, “not to flaunt one’s financial abundance.”

Interestingly, Gerva Lpt, the very person advocating for a more modest approach to gifting money garlands, is also known for selling money garlands and money bouquets. This ironic twist has not gone unnoticed by the online community, adding an extra layer of complexity to the discussion.

Support for Gerva’s sentiments has come from various quarters, including Dr. Richard and Erika Mata, who echoed his plea on their own Facebook page. They suggest that money should be given discreetly in an envelope, or “ampao,” rather than as a garland. “Why the need to boast?” they ask. “Put it in an envelope and give it secretly. If you want to display it, then give everyone who sees it a share.”

dr richar and erika mata money garland comment

The reactions to these posts have been mixed. Carol BL commented that the display of money garlands is subjective and depends on one’s perspective. “We can’t dictate or control others, but we can control our reaction,” she notes. The SightSeers agree with the discreet approach, pointing out that the Chinese custom of using red envelopes (hongpao) avoids unnecessary showiness. Gianne offers a more philosophical take, suggesting that life’s inequalities are inevitable and that children should be taught to aspire and overcome such challenges.

In contrast, Glenda Ladrillo praises Gerva’s message, highlighting the importance of respecting parents who may not have the financial means to give extravagant gifts but provide invaluable support and guidance to their children.

As for my own sentiment, while I understand the importance of celebrating achievements, it is crucial to be mindful of the broader context. Graduation is a time for collective joy and recognition of hard work, not a platform for displaying economic disparities. A little sensitivity can go a long way in ensuring everyone feels included and valued during these significant milestones.

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In conclusion, as we navigate through graduation season, let us strive to create an inclusive environment where all graduates feel celebrated and appreciated, regardless of their financial background.

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