Letrato Arts and Crafts creates prestigious, custom-designed award ribbons to commemorate pet show wins and events in the Philippines. Our handcrafted ribbons celebrate each achievement with elegance and distinction.

The History and Symbolism of Award Ribbons

The tradition of award ribbons dates back to medieval times, when knights wore colored ribbons to represent victories in battle or sporting events. Over time, ribbons evolved into a symbolic way to commemorate achievements and honor winners.

Today, award ribbons continue this legacy of recognizing excellence in various fields. Their colors and designs denote the prestige of the accomplishment. Custom ribbons allow each event to celebrate their winners with personalized, meaningful awards.

Award Ribbons for Pet Shows Rising in Popularity

In the Philippines, the popularity of pet shows for dogs, cats, and other animals is increasing.

Recent prestigious events like Meowcon Manila 2019 have showcased beautiful furry companions and trusted Letrato Arts and Crafts for award ribbons.

The Meowcon Manila 2019 was held in Robinsons Magnolia in Cubao, Metro Manila, Philippines. Letrato Arts and Crafts crafted the custom award ribbons given to the best cats in the event.

The Feline Council of the Philippines, Manila Cat Fanciers Society, Purina, together with Cats of Manila, cat lovers, and cat pet owners, had a successful run of the much-anticipated Meow Convention Manila 2019.

This was in partnership with Robinson’s Magnolia in Quezon City and media partner Animal Scene for their big event MeowCon Manila 2019 (MeowCON 2019).

As pet shows like Meowcon gain popularity, custom award ribbons help commemorate winners with elegance and flair.

Our Custom Handcrafted Ribbon Awards

We collaborate closely with clients to match their theme and preferences. Our ribbon awards feature:

  • Quality materials like satin, organza
  • Multi-layered rosette heads
  • Customizable button pins
  • Printed graphics and text
  • Fully customizable sizing

Our artisans handcraft each ribbon locally using attention to detail. We take pride in providing distinguished awards.

Order Custom Ribbons for Your Pet Show

Dog Show Rosette Award Ribbons

Letrato Arts and Crafts specializes in creating prestigious, custom designed award ribbons for pet shows and events in the Philippines.

We collaborate closely with each client, whether local or international, to ensure your ribbons match your theme and preferences. Our priority is crafting awards with the perfect style and personality for your event.

Once your elegant custom ribbons are handcrafted, we can arrange delivery anywhere worldwide through our trusted third-party couriers. We’re committed to providing excellent service globally.

Contact Letrato Arts and Crafts on Facebook to start designing the ideal custom award ribbons for your next pet show or special event!

What materials do you use to make the award ribbons?

We use satin, organza, and other ribbons to create durable, elegant award ribbons. The materials can be customized to match your preferences.

What size options are available?

We offer full customization of ribbon size including length, width, and number of tail ribbons.

How are the designs printed onto the ribbons?

For bulk orders, we directly print graphics and text onto the satin ribbon. For smaller orders, we use full-color printed photo paper attached to the ribbons.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we can arrange delivery anywhere worldwide! We use trusted third-party couriers to provide affordable international shipping.

How do I order custom award ribbons?

Contact us on Facebook, +639279131249 (viber) to begin the design process! We’ll collaborate with you to create customized ribbons that perfectly match your theme and needs.

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